Universal turning centres

This turning centre is available in two versions with bar capacity of 51 or 70 mm.


The main features of the B620 are:

The massive rigid cast-iron machine bed that ensures exceptional vibration dampening thanks to the box-type guideways on the X and Y axes and the roller guideways on the Z-axis.

The new synchronous liquid cooled integral motor spindle allow unequalled power and higher spindle speed. Also, the combination of the roller and ball bearings allow powerful cutting as well as exceptional finish and roundness accuracy.

The new 15-station servo- turret

Rotary tools with direct drive

The automatic tailstock - B-axis - improves operating flexibility since position and thrust are CNC-controlled

The synchronized sub-spindle is equipped with a parts ejector featuring collet cleaning system and sensor to detect that the finished part has been ejected

FANUC CNC i-HMI with 15

Massive rigid cast-iron machine bed

Synchronous integral motor spindles allowing unequalled power and higher spindle speed

15-station servo-turret

Automatic tailstock

Chip conveyor with coolant supply (medium pressure) including filter

Synchronized sub-spindle and parts ejector

Sub-spindle with B-axis load detection system

Rigid tapping

Bar-feeder interface

Cooling system

Two colour alarm lamp

Electrical cabinet air conditioned


Bar capacitymm5170
Max. machining diametermm250360
Max. machining lengthmm620620
Y-axis travelmm9090
Main spindle: max. speedgiri/min50004500
Chuck diametermm165-210210-250
Motor power (50%)kW17-2517-25
Sub-spindle: max. speedgiri/min50005000
Chuck diametermm140-165140-165
Motor power (50%)kW17-2517-25
Number of rotary tools1515
Speed of rotary toolsgiri/min60006000
Power of rotary toolskW11-1311-13
Machine weight with swarf conveyorkg65006650


  • – CNC automatic tailstock.


  • 15-station with live tooling;
  • C-axis;
  • CN automatic tailstock.


  • 15-station with live tooling;
  • Main spindle with C-axis;
  • Sub-spindle with C-axis.


  • 15-station with live tooling;
  • C-axis;
  • Y-axis;
  • CNC automatic tailstock.


  • 15-station with live tooling;
  • Main spindle with C-axis;
  • Y-axis;
  • Sub-spindle with C-axis.

B620 FRA (3.4MB – file pdf)

B620 ENG (3.4MB – file pdf)

B620 ITA (3.4MB – file pdf)

B620 DEU (3.4MB – file pdf)

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