Biglia products

Universal CNC-lathes

A wide spectrum of high-tech multifunction turning centres for bar machining up to 100mm dia. and chuck machining up to 500mm dia. and 1300mm turning length. Complete machining in one set-up thanks to the sub-spindle, rotary tools, C/Y axis and the B-axis turn-mill head.


The wide range of machines comprises a wide range of alternative specifications and functions to assure top-level performance, flexible machining operations, cutting edge technology and the highest reliability.


This turning centre is available in two versions
with bar capacity of …


The ground slide-ways are the highlight
of this line of machines …


The B1250 is particularly suitable for
the machining of shafts and features …

Multi-axis turning

The BMX45-Y2, B446 and B465 are multi-function turning centres. Equipped with up to 12 axes, these machines are particularly suitable for bar machining.


Available in 4 bar capacity diameters (45mm, 51mm, 70mm and 80mm), these CNC-lathes are equipped with the main and sub-spindle for transfer of the parts and two or three turrets.


Their particular design allows to perform the complete machining of complex parts reducing cycle time drastically thanks to the simultaneous machining process.

Quicker cycle times

From bar to the finished part in one setup.

Higher productivity (up to 50%)


The BMX45-Y2 enhances the third generation of the QUATTRO machines…

B446-B465 T2-T3

This range of twin-turret and twin-spindle machines for bar machining is available…

Integrated turn-mill operations

The range of multifunction five axis turn-mill centres SMART TURN represents the complete combination between a lathe and a machining centre


For the complete combination
between a lathe and a machining
centre Biglia recommends