Multi-axis bar turning

The twin-turret and twin-spindle B438-Y2 CNC-lathe has been designed for bar machining in automatic turning.


This compact and versatile machine allows to perform combined turning, milling and drilling of small-sized parts.


The main features of the B483-Y2 are:

2 Y-axes

Optimum use of available space in the workshop (less than 5 sqm)

The massive rigid cast iron 45° slant bed ensures high rigidity, exceptional vibration dampening and thermal stability

Two rugged and quick Biglia servo-turrets. Up to 30 tools can work simultaneously. The rotary tools are driven by a motor with 22 Nm torque and 2.2/4,6 kW power.

Two liquid cooled integral motor spindles, which are driven by high-performance motors (11 kW power and 7000 rpm spindle speed). These spindles allow powerful cutting as well as exceptional surface finish and roundness accuracy.

The position of the CNC-operated sub-spindle featuring a double movement (longitudinal and transversal - Z3 and X3 axes) enables reliable and flexible machining operations. The transversal movement allows to drastically reduce interference problems

The automatic parts-catcher allows the unloading of finished parts up to 100 mm long in automatic mode and idle time.

Possibility to use the sub-spindle as a regular tailstock to hold the component machined on the main spindle with the upper turret

Bar capacitymm38
Max. machining lengthmm100
Y-axis travelmm50 (-25/+25)
Main spindle: max. speedgiri/min20-7000
Motor power (50%)kW11 (7,5)
Sub-spindle: max. speedgiri/min20-70000
Motor power (50%)kW11 (7,5)
Number of tools12X2
Live tools: number of tools12x2
Max speedgiri/min6000
Power (50%)kW4,6
Machine weight with swarf conveyorkg4700

B438-Y2 (2.4MB – file pdf)

B438-Y2 ENG (2.4MB – file pdf)

B438-Y2 ITA (2.4MB – file pdf)

B438-Y2 DEU (3.4MB – file pdf)

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