CNC turning centres



Biglia begin their activity by producing saw machines and special-purpose machine tools, with the introduction of the model HRA 65, Biglia start the manufacture of the first automatic lathes.

The copying lathe HRA 105/4 is introduced to the market, then with the model B 110 Biglia took hold in PLC programming introduced the first automatic turret.

The evolution of the B 131 model (max versatility for all machining applications on any field) represents a new way to conceive CNC-lathes. With the introduction of the inclined X-axis slide, the sub-spindle and the power heads.

This machine becomes Biglia’s first unit to be based on a modular concept (more than 1000 units are installed, some of which equipped with built-in gantry loader). 1984 also saw the introduction of other models such as the B 600, B2M, B2M 4-axis and the B 1000. This last machine is still used today to machine large-sized and long-shaped parts.

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